Who can sign up to be a MOVEMENT130 member?

We are inviting women in the USA of all ages, sizes and backgrounds. We want to showcase every kind of woman that the Anita Brands represents. If you have an inspiring story to share, and want to celebrate your uniqueness – this movement is for you!  #WhyNotShowIt

What kinds of stories are you looking to share?
  • We believe that every woman’s story is unique. Some stories our current members are celebrating:
    • Bravery and ambition as a world class boxing champion
    • Confidence and embracing a positive body image
    • Growing a restaurant business while teaching young women self defense
    • Aspiring musician and singer
What do I have to do to become a MOVEMENT130 member?
  • First, provide us your name, email address and a quick message on why you want to become a member.
  • Next, we’ll contact you so we can really get to know you and your story.
  • Then, we’ll upload your photo and your story to our MOVEMENT130 site.
  • Finally, you will share your message across social media with your friends, loved ones, and supporters. #WhyNotShowIt
What kind of benefits will I receive as a MOVEMENT130 member?
  • We will feature you and your story, cause and mission in a dedicated profile on the MOVEMENT130 site and across our social media.
  • As a thank you for joining our campaign and spreading the message, we’ll be sending you several  Anita and Rosa Faia bra and panty sets or swimsuits of your choice. It’s our way of supporting you, for supporting us.
  • In addition, each member will be entered into a grand prize giveaway, worth $500 in Anita/Rosa Faia products that you can redeem yourself or give away to support the women in your life.
Can I invite friends to join MOVEMENT130?

Yes! We have 130 membership spotlights and we want to feature you and the women that inspire and encourage you. Share this opportunity with the women in your life and invite them to join the movement, too. #WhyNotShowIt